Cloud Identity
& Access Management

We are a partner of Widas and a distributer of cidaas in Czechia. Secure – Fast – Unrivalled. cidaas standardizes what is important and simplifies what is complex.

One identity across all channels

cidaas is the optimal solution for fast and secure identity management. Thanks to cidaas you create one identity per user across all your channels. cidaas is based on OAuth2.0 and OpenID Connect standards, provides strong API security and with integrated Bot Net Detection and Fraud Detection a secure journey across all your business channels. Modern Identity and Access Management goes like cidaas.

Highest Security!
Data security

Protect against unauthorized access and identity theft with fraud detection and Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication.

Time To Market

Comprehensive feature set for quick and easy integration and implementation of all use cases and systems.

Always Up To Date

We continuously develop our system and update your service package on the fly.

All Around Carefree

We take care of it so you can focus on your core business. No more worrying about maintenance or operation.

GDPR Compliant

cidaas developed by Widas ID in Germany is software hosted in cloud and ISO 27001 certified.


The OAuth2, OpenID Connect and SAML 2.0 standards ensure easy integration.


Bye bye password! The future of the login.

Countless passwords and pins make life difficult for users and are an unsightly barrier to access on digital channels. With passwordless authentication you secure your digital applications and offer your users a unique customer experience – because the login is the first thing your users see.

Smart multi-factor authentication.

The security of your applications is important, but must not compromise the user experience. With smart multi-factor authentication you combine both – you ask the second factor in case of increased risk or suspicious behavior, situation- and context-related.

Want to learn more?

For more details about cidaas you are welcome to visit list of Features and the Pricing packages.

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