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The main purpose of the application is to track health related activities on a daily basis in a semi-automated way. Some diseases (e.g. seasonal flu, coronavirus outbreaks, etc.) are spread in the population primarily by human-human contacts. The application focuses on helping its users to log contact events and assess the level of risk (s)he may be exposed to.

Why should I use the app?

The application helps both, the users with self-protection and public health officials, healthcare professionals and researchers to protect the public health in periods of disease outbreaks.

  1. Self-protection – Based on the user log activities and contact events, the application will calculate for each user his/her personal risk score of getting infected during infectious disease outbreaks. 
  2. Public health protection – The application can help epidemiologists in combination with other measures and solutions to establish “smart quarantines”, i.e. arrangements that allow for fast detecting and isolating infection centers to stop the disease spreading.

The application collects in a completely anonymous way data about behavioral changes in the population due to different restrictions put in place by governments during infectious disease outbreaks.

Our Vision

Our vision is a society that is capable of efficient self-protection with minimum economical consequences in the periods of infectious disease outbreaks by leveraging algorithms of artificial intelligence.

The application and its entire ecosystem will continue to be further developed in coming months and possibly even years. Once we manage to collect enough data thanks to you, the application users, we will create smart predictive models that will help not only you to protect your personal health and the health of loved ones, but also the health of the society as a whole.

How can you support the development?

We hate advertisements as much as you do and we decided not to place any ads to the application. The application is completely free, but we would greatly appreciate any (even very small) financial support from the app users or you that could help us to fund further development of the ideas that our team has. If it happens that the app starts generating income, we will start supporting different health oriented charities. You can contribute to our development by joining the crowdfunding campaign that we published  here.

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