Our goal is to help our customers achieve a paperless office by digitizing documents, automatically processing and mining invoices, receipts, contracts and more using AI approaches and crowdsourcing where needed. We know how to sensitively transform your processes into modern online form.

AI industry solutions

Production planning, quality control, supply chain management, diagnostics for equipment maintenance. Those and many others are areas where AI can contribute to improve your business.  We analyze our clients’ needs, design custom solutions and implement them.

Data analyses

Data driven decision making. We help our customers to understand their data in order to support their decision making processes. Who are your customers? What are their shopping preferences? When and what are they purchasing? How do sales depend on various factors? What are the factors that influence motivation of your staff? Those and many others are questions that our data analysts can help you to answer.

AI consultancy

Did you hear about Industry 4.0 and the big potential that AI can offer in different areas, but you are not quite sure where to start? Our team of experts will be more than happy to hear from you and guide you through the transition to the new technologies. Just describe your business to us and we help you to unlock its potential.

Collection and annotation of data for machine learning

We live in an era of digitalization that generates huge amounts of data, every day, every hour, every minute. We help our customers to collect the right data for AI applications. We clean existing data, enrich data annotations, annotate and organize unstructured data. All with one goal, prepare the data for machine learning that can unlock an existing potential in your business.


Annotation of thousands of pictures, transcriptions of hours of recordings, labelling of huge collections of texts, descriptions of tons of scenes and many others. Crowdsourcing can be leveraged for solving many problems that can be decomposed into smaller tasks that are then assigned to many people. We offer a crowd of hundreds of screened workers who can work for you either directly or via our platform.